ANNUAL EXAM:  An annual exam is critical to maintaining a healthy pet for a number of reasons.  We are able to catch early stages of diseases and hereditary issues, which can be life-saving or improve the quality of your pet’s life.  We examine their overall health, including their heart and lungs, bone structure and muscle mass, eyes, ears, skin, weight, teeth, unusual growths, and temperament.  We also discuss your pets lifestyle and any new issues related to their health.  This is an ideal time to vaccinate your pet as well.  We recommend this exam be done yearly, since dogs and cats live such a short amount of time.  The commonly accepted rule is: 1 human year is like 7 years to a dog or 5 to a cat.

MEDICAL PROGRESS EXAM:  These exams, often called re-checks, are meant to determine whether a previously diagnosed problem is being resolved by our veterinarians’ treatment.  They are generally free of charge, if the pet is seen within 30 days of the initial exam. However any additional medication or procedures will be billed.

MEDICAL EXAM:  Medical exams are conducted when a pet is injured or ill.  We assess their health to determine the cause of the problem, as well as treat the problem.  These will (hopefully) be infrequent visits!

PUPPY & KITTEN EXAM:  The first time your puppy or kitten is brought to us, we will conduct an extensive exam. This exam is critical to assess their overall health, including their heart and lung functions, bone structure and muscle mass, eyes, ears, skin, weight, teeth and bite, and temperment.  This exam may catch genetic and developmental problems that can be easily fixed if treated early.  Many problems can be lethal if left unattended.  We will discuss training and offer many recommendations for diet, exercise, and keeping your pet as healthy and happy as possible.

SENIOR WELLNESS EXAM:  This exam is critical for our older patients.  Dogs should generally have this exam done when they are 7 years old, and cats when they are 10 years old.  We look at issues such as: kidney and liver functions (to determine if disease is present); whether arthritis is becomming an issue; whether eye problems such as blindness, cataracts, or glaucoma are evident; whether hearing loss is evident; and whether teeth are in poor condition.  We also discuss your pets diet and weight issues, expectations for the future, and advice for how to help alleviate many problems.

LARGE ANIMAL EXAM:  At this time we are unable to accept any NEW large animal patients.  This exam is meant as either an annual exam or a medical exam.  We examine the pet’s health, give vaccines, trim hooves, float teeth, etc.  We will determine the cause of illness and prescribe a treatment, if that is the purpose for the visit.  We can come to your home, or you can come to our clinic with your pet.

BEHAVIORAL CONSULT:  This exam is meant to assess your pet’s temperment, and to offer advice concerning training and other possible remedies.

PREGNANCY EXAM:  This exam is critical for pregnant animals to determine whether they are capable of carrying a litter.  We examine their overall health and offer advice for the expected litter.  Certain dog breeds are not able to give birth naturally and can die during the process, we can advise whether a cesarean birth will be required.

EMERGENCY EXAM:  We are available to handle emergency situations most of the time.  If it is after hours, our phone system will direct you to leave your name and number and a doctor will get back to you.

OFFICE VISITS & LIMITED EXAMS:  These visits are often conducted by veterinary technicians or assistants.  We can conduct non-medical treatments such as nail trims, ear cleaning and mite checks, anal gland expression, give bordtella vaccines, microchip, and offer advice on numerous issues.  We can also conduct a cursory exam, but cannot prescribe any medications or give veterinary recommended advice.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (541) 896-0044.